Leadership Club

For those demonstrating leadership qualities

Leadership Club

The Leadership Club is a special leadership club for junior students, 13 and younger, gold belt and higher. Like a flower, children need to be nurtured and encouraged, and when cared for properly, will blossom into something magnificent.

Our Leadership Club members are truly determined young martial artists who have proven their dedication to self-improvement in a number of ways. In addition to age and rank, there are several requirements students must meet prior to joining the Leadership Club. Candidates must obtain a letter of recommendation from their school teacher, include a copy of their school report card displaying above average grades and PERFECT conduct codes and write an essay, “Why I want to be a black belt.” of 100 words x their school grade level. Above all, Leadership Club candidates must be role model students, in and out of the Dojang, setting the standard for all other Choi Kwang Do junior students.

Some privileges of being a member of the Leadership Club include, monthly advanced training, special field trips and outings, community service activities, helping out in class, and of course let’s not forget the snazzy red uniform.

We are very proud of our Leadership Club members and are looking forward to their continued growth and development as a martial artist and as a person.